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Open SoundS SPOT

Project owner: leonardo
Actualizado: 24 Nov 2018
Posts: 85
Hi everybody! The aim of this project is to realize a commercial about Open SoundS, on the base of the proposed text and realizing: music for the background, sound effects and so on. After that, it would be interesenting to realize a Video. To develope this idea, we are going to use some MIDI soundsand some basic rhythm patterns could be produced usig software sounds or playing acoustic instruments and recording new tracks. We will use different softwares such as Finale MakeMusic, MaxMsp 5.0 (no other version), Cubase, ProTools, WeVideo, Ulead Video Studio and so on. Idea: Michele Della Ventura (Liceo Musicale "Giorgione" di Castelfranco Veneto) and David Carabias Galindo (Escuela Universitaria de Magisterio de Segovia)
Supporting Files: 
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Composition Elements:
opensound spot +newsecondpart.mp3 Por: Federico Motta
opensound spotMP3.mp3 Por: Emma Mazzon
opensounds andrea.mp3 Por: Andrea Zamengo (no verificado)
SPPOT.mp3 Por: Michele Della V...
proyecto Noemí.mp3 Por: Noemí Guitián
Voz DAVID + CANCION SUBIR.mp3 Por: Marina Villarrubia
audio Alberto4.mp3 Por: Alberto Ribera Sáez
Opensounds Marco + Iuri.mp3 Por: Iuri Marchesin
base la minore.mp3 Por: Alberto Anhaus
Mio branetto.mp3 Por: Iuri Marchesin
Voz.mp3 Por: Michele Della V...
Project: Open SoundS SPOT by Michele Della V...
Licensed under Creative Commons