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La cacharrería de la anguila eléctrica

Project owner: Lucici
Actualizado: 20 Mayo 2014
Posts: 2
Mezcla principal: 
Our project receives the same name as our group, "La cacharreria de la anguila eléctrica" because we have many mixed instruments: string instruments like guitar or ukulele, piano, and percussion instruments as timbales and idiophones as rattles or finger cymbals. We pretend to create a project based on Spanish funny folk rhythms. We look for any contribution that you may believe that you can look good maybe a lyric or otrer instrument or mixed.
Supporting Files: 
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Composition Elements:
CROTALETES-music (1).mp3 Por: Lucia Martínez Prado
BAJO BUENO-music.mp3 Por: Lucia Martínez Prado
piano buena-music.mp3 Por: Lucia Martínez Prado
Ukelele 3-mp3 (1).mp3 Por: Lucia Martínez Prado
Timbales 1-mp3.mp3 Por: Lucia Martínez Prado
Mariconadita 1-mp3.mp3 Por: Lucia Martínez Prado
Guitarra 2-mp3.mp3 Por: Lucia Martínez Prado
Project: La cacharrería de la anguila eléctrica by Lucia Martínez Prado
Licensed under Creative Commons