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Piano Man

por Mirco Menichelli
I play the piano and here is one of my song that I would like to share with you hoping to have some

Drummer's dream

por Nicola De Vito
My idea is to start from my drum track here attached and to have some nice other tracks added by som

Funky Town

por Giorgio Giovanardi
Hi, I've a band and we play some classic funky/rock/jazz tunes.

Trance music

por Rodrigo Albertini
Here my trance tune.


por Andrea Ferri
Here my idea of the tune, please feel free to add some nice tracks

Bass Line

por Francesco De Santis
My idea is to create a nice track starting from this bass line I've done with my equipment.

Loop Station

por Luca Massaro
Tutto ruota intorno a un loop che ho realizzato in RE minore usando arpeggiatore, sequencere e synth

Music for special occasions - Memorial

por Esther Anker
Hi there.. We had as a task in music-class to create our own piece of music for a special occasion.

Music for special occasion: Fashion Show

por Kama Ranaulo Johnson
we have been demanded to create our original music piece for a special occasion working individually

Wedding composition

por Adi Ninnun
At music class we needed to pick an event and write a composition for it.

Carnival festival

por Teresa Chimuco
Hello! My name is Teresa and I have been working on music used special occasions.

Happy Birthday Daddy

por Luana Blanco Rangel
Hello, I'm Luana and I'm composing a song as a birthday present for my dad.