The MODEM project, completed in 2008, allowed the IFP system to exploit a very advanced model of online training in Europe: the ability to remotely produce and share music inside a community of transnational virtual studios. The OPEN SOUNDS project was designed to reorganize and transfer the potential of MODEM to students coming from different educational and training European contexts employing digital technologies as support in music education and/or to create new professional profiles working in music production.
The transfer carried out by OPEN SOUNDS is addressed:

  • to the Italian education and training system, with particular reference to the IFP system (technical and vocational institutions), to the high school (music academies) and to regional training (vocational local agencies);
  • to the high school and VET (Vocational education and training) systems in England and Denmark, European partner countries in the project.

OPEN SOUNDS’s main commitment is to transfer to the students, from these different contexts, the tools and practices, as well as the processes associated with a collaborative and remote use of digital music technologies. In particular, the goal is to test the extension of a model of informal learning, and its integration in a creative key, into educational paths/processes meeting the expectations of both the society of knowledge and information, and the individual educational and vocational needs of students.
In terms of expected results, the project wants to allow students attending education and vocational training in the partner countries, with special attention to the risk of school-leaving, to:

  • build the first structured European training network to develop creative music projects with collaborative, remote and transnational features;
  • develop digital and technological skills;
  • strengthen the sense of active citizenship through collaborative practices which will involve a significant number of young music enthusiasts in the partner countries;
  • increase the possibilities, the quality, the chances and the areas of transition in terms of job opportunities.
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