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Variations on Drunken Sailor

by Filip
We made an new arrangement of an folk song called "Drunken Sailor"

Andean Music

by Alberto Acebes ...
Hello! We are The TrotaMusiTic's group.


by Alberto Acebes ...
Hello! We are The TrotaMusiTic's group.

Mozart and Jazz

by Michele Della V...
Hi! The aim of this project is to realise a Jazz piece based on a Theme by Mozart.

Jazz Style

by Julia Ferrandez Sanz

"Giorgione" Anthem

by Michele Della V...

Will Calypso

by William Hafner
My task that I had to complete was to create a calypso accompaniment to the melody of ‘Every Time Y

Christmas Carols

by Michele Della V...


by Steen M. Bisgaard
Efterår means 'autumn' in Danish.

Famous Italian Romantic Songs (02 Vierno)

by Evangelos Himonides
I would like to produce old Italian romantic songs, with a real, genuine Italian singer, and either

Ti guardo

by Gianfranco Vigneri
you can eyou can feel free to express yourself with a voice line and text, instrument solo line or w

Hard rock tune

by Nicola Stasi
Hi I would like to create a good team that loves like me hard rock music, here you have an example o