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Famous Italian Romantic Songs (02 Vierno)

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Updated: 16 Dec 2013
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I would like to produce old Italian romantic songs, with a real, genuine Italian singer, and either with guitar, accordion, or piano. Would anybody be interested? We can either do live recording, or we could decide on the pieces, and multitrack the instruments and vocals, depending on distance and the country that you're in... Maria is playing the Piano and Vincenzo is going to sing, but you could add your contribution in order to enrich the performances. Any recording software and DAW. This project is going to require more real audio than anything else, but you could also contribute with midi background landscapes if you like. the short mp3 is just a demo from an online midi file. I would prefer if we sounded less orchestral and more down to earth. I would like to produce this as if the artist is singing in a restaurant in Napoli! For example, something not as 'polished' as the example from YouTube:
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Vierno_mix.mp3 By: Evangelos Himonides
Vierno_vox.mp3 By: Vincenzo Martone
Vierno_piano.mp3 By: Maria Vraka
Project: Famous Italian Romantic Songs (02 Vierno) by Evangelos Himonides
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