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La cacharrería de la anguila eléctrica

Project owner: Lucici
Actualizado: 20 Mayo 2014
Posts: 2
Our project receives the same name as our group, "La cacharreria de la anguila eléctrica" because we have many mixed instruments: string instruments like guitar or ukulele, piano, and percu

JS Bach Well Tempered Clavier I (Prelude 1)

Project owner: himonides
Actualizado: 16 Dic 2013
Posts: 11
As per the original posted idea, this is part of a long aspiration of mine to create a 21st Century version of the Well Tempered Clavier, using modern sound colours, technology and experiment with the


Project owner: Ardi Music Geek
Actualizado: 16 Dic 2013
Posts: 1
In October 2012, I created my first composition for the IB Diploma. I decided to call it the Ardichromatina as it contained a lot of chromatic scales in it.

Famous Italian Romantic Songs (01 Santa Lucia Luntana)

Project owner: himonides
Actualizado: 16 Dic 2013
Posts: 6
I would like to produce old Italian romantic songs, with a real, genuine Italian singer, and either with guitar, accordion, or piano. Would anybody be interested?

Hommage a Edith Piaf (Poulenc: Improvisation XV)

Project owner: himonides
Actualizado: 16 Dic 2013
Posts: 4
This project is the continuation of the idea posted in the special 'ideas' section, with the following details: I am looking in creating an atmospheric version of Poulenc's Improvisati

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