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Base Hip Hop

Project owner: LucioPin
Updated: 16 Dec 2013
Posts: 1
Ciao, vorrei creare una base hip-hop completa per un amico che dovrebbe poi farci free-style.

Pop Tune

Project owner: andrea.pozzi
Updated: 16 Dec 2013
Posts: 4
Hi this is my project, I hope you like it!

Rock Song

Project owner: andrea.pozzi
Updated: 19 Dec 2013
Posts: 6
Ciao a tutti mi piacerebbe creare un brano rock con alcuni di voi, con la possibilità poi eventuale di suonare insieme e magari di formare una band.


Project owner: Quentin
Updated: 16 Dec 2013
Posts: 12
Playing around with some VSTi synths, layering sounds and grooves. Might be a good base for other tunes. I'll upload each loop so that you may use them in your own projects.

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