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Rock at the classroom

Project owner: davidcarabias
Mis à jour: 6 juin 2015
Contributions: 10
Featuring:  Marian  Angela Fadrique  Fran García
The idea is to study the musical, cultural and aesthetic characteristics of the rock'n'roll from the 50s and try to create, from this study, a rock'n'roll with the media that we can find in a typical music classroom at primary education. We are a very small group of musical teaching students. We are going to work on this idea at the "Music, Culture and Diversity" subject. Collaborations are wellcome!! Cheers from Segovia!!
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Composition Elements:
Bombo MCD.mp3 Par: MSH
Bajo 1 MCD.mp3 Par: Angela Alegre F...
Caja MCD.mp3 Par: Angela Alegre F...
Timbales Break MCD.mp3 Par: Francisco Garcí...
Caja Break MCD.mp3 Par: Francisco Garcí...
Crash MCD.mp3 Par: David Carabias ...
Bajo 2 MCD.mp3 Par: David Carabias ...
Voz completa.mp3 Par: David Carabias ...
Project: Rock at the classroom by David Carabias ...
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