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Folk Celtic Music Style

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Aggiornato: 16 Dic 2013
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In this piece there are two parts. In the first one we have used a base made by recording a bagpipe long note and after that we introduce a improvisation made by our friend Adrian Matesanz with a Tin Whistle in B. In the second one we continue with the base and we introduce the rhythm and the fiddle melody made by Mixcraft. We have used Audacity in order to mix the tracks.
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piano.mp3 Da: Tsvetomir Nikolov
gaita.mp3 Da: Tsvetomir Nikolov
flauta1.mp3 Da: Tsvetomir Nikolov
toms3.mp3 Da: Tsvetomir Nikolov
fiddle melody.mp3 Da: Tsvetomir Nikolov
Project: Folk Celtic Music Style by Tsvetomir Nikolov
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