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Project owner: Ardi Music Geek
Actualizado: 16 Dic 2013
Posts: 1
In October 2012, I created my first composition for the IB Diploma. I decided to call it the Ardichromatina as it contained a lot of chromatic scales in it. The structure of the piece was in ternary form ( A B A) and was abundant in accidentals. I originally chose to write it for the piano but I wanted to soon explore the use of violin which is why I am now going to ask: I would like to find performers who can perform the violin and piano parts of my Ardichromatina. The reason I want to this is that I want to take the chance to hear my composition live rather than as a Sibelius file as I think that the sound quality will be more advanced and will reflect the sound quality I intended to produce. Any other ideas are welcome. Please use the mp3 file to listen to it. There are also PDF and Sibelius files attached. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing your desires and working with you.
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Project: Ardichromatina by Ardi Music Geek
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