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Aquella infancia...

Project owner: Noemí Guitián
Updated: 28 May 2014
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Hi! We are Alberto, Beatriz, Julián, Esteban y Noemí. After creating our new idea, we have decided to do a little lyric about the childhood. Now, we are making differents melodies to mix with the lyrics (piano, guitar, xylophone...). We hope to work together with us. Greetings.
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Composition Elements:
piano.mp3 By: Noemí Guitián
guitar.mp3 By: Noemí Guitián
xilophone.mp3 By: Noemí Guitián
Aquella infancia mix.mp3 By: David Carabias ...
Project: Aquella infancia... by Noemí Guitián
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