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The symbol of the spoken word

by Michele Della V...
Hi everybody!

A walking in Castelfranco

by Michele Della V...
Hi everybody!

JunkFood SPOT

by Michele Della V...
Hi everybody!

Rock at the classroom

by David Carabias ...
The idea is to study the musical, cultural and aesthetic characteristics of the rock'n'rol

Open SoundS SPOT

by Michele Della V...
Hi everybody!

Song for Children

by Celia Aguado Hi...
Hello, we are a group of students from the University of Segovia (Spain).

Sabor Latino

by Marta Alarcón Grande
Greetings from Spain! We recorded our idea and we think it can be a great project. We look for a L

La cacharrería de la anguila eléctrica

by Lucia Martínez Prado
Our project receives the same name as our group, "La cacharreria de la anguila eléctrica"


by Marina Villarrubia
Hello everyone.

Aquella infancia...

by Noemí Guitián
Hi! We are Alberto, Beatriz, Julián, Esteban y Noemí.

Variations on Sakura

by Alejandro Garci...
The main idea for this project was to create a new modern arrangement for an existing Japanese song:

Variations on Drunken Sailor

by Filip
We made an new arrangement of an folk song called "Drunken Sailor"